Am I Really Free?

Me: “I have finally become confident in myself that I can now go and enjoy seeing a movie, walking in the park, driving to a city alone.”

Him: “Do you mean alone with (my boyfriend) or you mean by yourself?”

Me: “Alone. By myself.”

Him: “But you are so vulnerable.”

Me: “Isn’t that the concern for every woman?”

Him: “That’s why they go places together.”

Me: “But it’s okay for men to go and enjoy places alone?”



6 thoughts on “Am I Really Free?

      • I remember the first time I took myself to a restaurant by myself. I was a teenager and my mother’s friends told me that I was “brave.” It never even crossed my mind that there was anything odd about a sixteen year old going to a restaurant by herself, at least minus the money part. I’ve been doing things all by myself, sometimes because there’s no one else around and sometimes because that’s my mood, ever since.

        What are you afraid of? There are real dangers, but not as many as other people think.

      • I have always been told to ‘watch my back,’ so to speak. I was always very sheltered, and at 22, I still am. It’s a paranoia grown inside of me that I have obtained from the mindset spoken around me. I am proud of myself of getting to this point, don’t get me wrong. I very much enjoy my own company. I even prefer it. In fact, once spring gets here and the weather warmer, I plan on taking many picnics at this beautiful nature park nearby 🙂

      • I’m just trying to be encouraging, that’s all.

        It would be wrong to tell you that nothing ever goes wrong, but usually the satisfaction outweighs any problems.

        “What are you afraid of,” wasn’t rhetorical. It really is what I ask myself to see if something is too dangerous to do, or to figure out what precautions I should take. The first time I went to see a movie in New York City, someone stole my money. So bad things do happen. Now, I’m more cautious in an urban area if I have to pay for something on the street, but I still will go.

        I’m going on fifty, so I speak from experience.

      • You’re right. I definitely have fond memories of the experiences I tried to talk myself out of doing out of fear. I must do that more often. I guess when I explained myself to you, I was also explaining something to myself. It’s a writer’s habit of mine, I suppose. Thank you. I appreciate your encouragement, and it’s that kind of attitude that does inspire me!

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