My Morning: 3-20-15


“If you don’t ask, the answer is always no.” – My cousin


My Morning: Post-Wedding Edition

It has been way too long since I have written anything in-depth about my life or how I’m feeling. Ever since last March, I have been immersed in wedding planning as my now-husband proposed to me that last 16th of the 3rd month of the 2014th year (clever, huh?) Anxiously, I felt I didn’t have much freedom or room to really focus on much else except the wedding, to which I contained myself into a mental box. Now I feel so much better, and to say the least, my creative juices have been flowing today!

Anyway, I suppose you are interested in the wedding or what I have in store for the future. The wedding itself was amazing! With an abundance of both emotion and fun, I can now say, like many others, that my wedding day was the best day of my life! I married the man of my dreams – my soulmate – and I’m glad to say I am happy I have finally arrived to this point of my existence. For now, we still have yet to go on our honeymoon (Disney World!!), but I am focusing on going back to school in the summer. I am focused on finally getting my degree.

I will not write too much more today, as I have a lot of cleaning to do, but I just wanted to post an update for readers who are still interested. I will post a lot more about the wedding and the planning process on another day. I hope a photo of my morning will suffice!


“I let my mind wander and it never came back.” – Dau Voire