Random Thought of the Day:

I want to wear a pea coat and go to a warm little bookstore during a rainy autumn day.

I want a cute little mint bicycle with a tiny basket in the front and pedal my way through Paris and sketch the wonderful architecture.

I want to wear lacy, silky lingerie to bed, and sip wine and listen to sensual music. 

I want to crowd over a mahogany desk, writing down furiously my dreams, my thoughts and my feelings in a wonderful leather notebook.

I want to lay in bed and read books about everything and anything, and keep a pad of paper nearby just in case I come upon an extraordinary idea that will change the world.

In short: I want my life to be fulfilling, sensually and intellectually. I want to indulge in the most worldly, most cultural opportunities that life has to offer. 


Random Thought of the Day:

I feel that it is such a shame that we are in the most passionate parts of our lives, yet we are also in the poorest. Why is it that at such a young and inquisitive age, we are held back from nurturing our minds because of the lack of money? Even those in college are struggling because in order to get an education – how wonderful! – they have to pay so much in order to obtain it. After college, we will be in debt up to our eyeballs, and we still won’t have enough money to do all of the wonderful things our world has to offer. Why?! Why has that become a rule, and not an exception?